People connected processes to move you forward,


A solid operations plan might not be sexy,

but it sure is important.

I'll help you build the processes, policies and metrics that will delight your clients, engage your employees and chart the path to your next success.

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The right processes, policies and templates allow you to better serve customers, empower employees and keep growing. If there’s something in your work that’s been broken (or missing!) for too long, now is the time to get an operational foundation in place

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You have ideas you want to turn into action, and pilot is the best way to bring your new product, service or program to market.  Let's build a plan to launch, engage, measure and improve so your great idea can become part of what you do for your clients every day.

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Many nonprofit organizations are well positioned to earn additional revenue by charging a fee for products and services that they already provide.  The right strategy can enhance your sustainability, further your reach and serve your mission for years to come.

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What gets measured gets done. Consistent metrics help you engage employees, retain clients, and tell the story of the value you provide. Together we can identify the most important metrics, and use the data you collect for to continuously improve.

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About Aimee

Aimee Muirnin Dunne is an operations expert, speaker, best-selling author and mentor who has built a career around her ability to ask the right questions and bring order to what's messy. Her clients range from small nonprofits to global corporations, all looking for her singular insights on how to uncover obstacles and use their resources efficiently. She creates spaces within organizations where people can be vulnerable, share ideas and set big goals, and then works with them to design a framework for growth. Aimee enjoys weightlifting, drawing, wandering the parks of St. Louis and being the best aunt she can be.  She is a passionate social justice volunteer who gives her time to organizations that focus on creating a more equitable society.