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People connected processes to move you forward,


A solid operations plan might not be sexy,

but it sure is important.

I'll help you build the processes, policies and metrics that will delight your clients, engage your employees and chart the path to your next success.

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You want to focus on what's next, but what's now keeps getting in your way. 

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If you’ve been moving so fast you don't have time to think about strategy, you’re not alone. But your organization needs the right processes, policies and templates in place grow. There’s no time like the present to fix what’s broken or add what’s missing. Read more.

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“What should I do next?” is the most important question of a busy leader. Whether you're early stage with too many ideas to count or looking for efficiencies in a business you've been running for years, let’s work together to identify and prioritize the projects that will help you grow.  Read more.

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Examining your workflow is crucial at any stage of business. But too often, we forget the people connected to the work. Assessing your team’s skills, experiences and potential can help you get the right people in the right places. And from there, you can really move. Read more.

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Do you have a company dashboard?  They say what gets measured gets done, but we’re often swimming in too much data, or not measuring anything at all.  Together we can identify your most important metrics and use the data you collect to continuously improve.  Read more.

Clients include:
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About Aimee

Hi there.  I'm proud to call myself an operations expert,

speaker, best-selling author and mentor. I've built a career on my ability to ask the right questions and bring order to what's messy. My clients are diverse - nonprofits, small businesses and large corporations - and they've all benefited from my insights on how to uncover obstacles and use their resources more efficiently. I create spaces within organizations where people can be vulnerable, share ideas and set big goals - then we work to identify opportunities and design a framework for growth. In the rest of  life?  I enjoy weightlifting, drawing, wandering the parks of St. Louis and being the best aunt ever.  I'm passionate about social justice and volunteer with organizations that focus on creating a more equitable society - there's lots of work to do. 

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