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Learn the basics and implement your own solutions.

Join the Foundations Program this spring and dedicate time to strengthening your operations strategy. 

This program is right for your organization if:

  • You know you need a solid operations plan, but you're not sure where to start.

  • You keep getting stuck on the same issues and challenges. 

  • You have multiple initiatives and don't know what to do first.

  • You're growing fast and haven't had time to put anything on paper.

  • You want to make sure you have the right people in the right place.

  • You need to get work off of your plate but don't have staff that can pick it up. 

  • You're just getting started and want to do it right from the beginning.

The Foundations Program offers weekly learning, video guides, customizable tools, and group problem solving. 

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Quick Win Sessions

Find a quick win in under an hour.

When I start working with clients, we’ll often look for the “quick wins”. What is something we can improve right away?  Starting with the quick wins gives us a peek under the hood. It builds trust with employees and stakeholders. It creates motivation to go after the bigger projects.

Does your organization need some quick wins? These hour-long webinars will help you identify gaps and opportunities, implement solutions, measure success and plan for continuous improvement. Whether it's time to document a small but important policy or prioritize your next big project, you'll find a fix here. 

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