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People connected processes to move you forward, faster.


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It was great to be with you

at the "Psychology of Self-Promotion" event!

As you work on shouting with confidence from the rooftops,

a solid operations strategy can help your business grow

(and give you more confidence!).


If you didn't win the grand prize, you can still access the packages below at a 30% discount - just for the CREW crew.

Set up a meeting to get started or send a question and we'll get back to you. Can't wait to chat!


Business owners often feel stuck, but don’t know quite why. This Opportunity Discovery tool will help you ask the right questions to uncover current obstacles and find areas for improvement. You’ll receive an assessment exercise, detailed opportunity list, draft process template, and two hour-long strategy meetings with Aimee.

Regular price = $1,200

CREW price (30% discount) = $840


A strong operational foundation is crucial for the growth of any business, and pairing your industry expertise with operations coaching is a powerful way to build one. With tools and material to guide you, plus one-on-one sessions that fit your schedule, we’ll work through what’s getting in your way and build a strategy that sets you up for success. Most clients choose to receive eight coaching sessions over a 2-month period, but we'll build a schedule that meets your needs!

Regular price = $2,150

CREW price (30% discount) = $1,500

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