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Thanks for attending my session! You're already thinking about how a solid operations plan can help your organization be more efficient. You've identified some roadblocks and know where the right processes and templates can make a difference.  Now let's get unstuck!


Your package includes three (3) 45-minute sessions and completed project work described below.

Session attendees receive a 25% discount -

you've already started!

Session 1: Intake
We'll work together to identify and prioritize your biggest obstacle.  By discussing what's in your way and the desired end goal, we'll start seeing where new processes, policies and templates will have the biggest impact.
Session 2: Consult
We'll meet again (with members of your team if necessary) to learn more about the specific roadblock you'd like to address and collect the information needed to make sure what we create includes all of the important pieces. This additional discussion helps us understand the impact of a better foundation on your organization, your employees and your customers.
Session 3: Hand-off
We'll have reviewed draft documents and be ready to implement!  This includes the finalization of material and plan for training of necessary personnel. It's important that everyone understands how to use the new process, policy or template so that the result of this hard work can be realized quickly!
We'll close our mini-project with the creation of a new process, policy or template - whichever is going to help you most! We'll plan how best to implement and the next steps that will make your operational game even stronger.
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