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A Discovery Package

can help you identify obstacles,

prioritize needs and build tools to

get you moving in the right direction.

This package includes the

"discover, prioritize and build" sessions detailed below.

Is it right for you? 

Schedule a 30-minute call via the button above and we'll find out.


Sometimes it just takes the right questions!  You're busy running your organization, and know there are obstacles to overcome and new programs to launch. But you may not have the resources or expertise on your team to tackle it all.  Our Discovery Tool will help identify where we can have the most impact - what's slowing you down, which idea fits best, how a process or template can make things easier. Want to be more efficient on your way to growth? It starts here.


We've uncovered some opportunities, but you can't do them all at once.  This 1-on-1 consulting session includes a bit of brainstorming and a lot of planning.  The discovery process has allowed me to get to know you and your organization, and I'll be ready for a challenging follow up. This session allows us to find out which projects will have the most impact so we can start problem-solving. You'll have an Opportunity List that can guide your next steps, and will pick one solution that we'll focus on building in our next session.


We've thought, we've planned, and now it's time to do. During this 1-on-1 consulting session, we'll discuss the tools that can be applied to your top priority project. It may be a process or template that will help you serve your clients more efficiently. It could be a pricing model for your new revenue stream. It may be a plan to measure the success of your program after launch.  Whatever the tool, you'll leave ready to implement a solution.

If you've attended one of my workshops,

you're already on your way!

Claim your 20% discount by

scheduling a quick chat with me.



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