Brace Your Core Waitlist
Time is TBD | Webinar

Brace Your Core Waitlist

Explore the five principles of weightlifting (yes, weightlifting!) and how they can teach you about work and life. We'll be joining from the comfort of zoom and no heavy lifting is required!

Time & Location

Time is TBD

About the Event

How can identifying your core strengths guide you in work and life?  During this 90-minute webinar, we'll learn more about the training concepts of of individuality, specificity, overload, diminishing returns and reversibility.  We'll ask the right questions to identify what each of these concepts mean to YOU and how you can use them to face the challenges ahead.

Does a task seem overwhelming?  We'll learn how specificity can help you know which basics to focus on.  Are you searching for motivation?  We'll talk about how individuality can help you find your unique drivers to keep moving forward.  Through story-telling, worksheet exercises and discussion, we'll deep dive into the tools that can keep you focused and you'll leave with a few tricks in your back pocket for when things get tough.

Tickets for the 90--minute webinar will start at $25.  Tiered ticketing options will include a hard copy of the "Owning Your GRIT" book and1-on-1 sessions with Aimee to further discuss how you can focus your life and career path using these principles.

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