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Join me at an upcoming event!

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Innovation Women @ Home Summit

Anytime  |  Virtual  |  $29

If you missed the live summit, you can still grab a ticket and

watch on demand!  Hear from over 50 speakers on business, healthcare, technology, leadership, & entrepreneurship.

Hint: Look for my talk "Brass Tacks: Building Your Operations Foundation"and enjoy the replay!

Online Learning.

Enterprise University

The Pitch Is Dead: Long Live The Pitch

Nov 11th  |  Virtual

We’re all tired of hearing about the importance

of the elevator pitch, but it still matters!

Click below for Enterprise University's full FREE course catalog.


Aspire For Equity Resolve Conference

December 3-4  |  Virtual

It’s easy to become distracted doing things that are related to, but not core to our vision. The whirlwind of being busy can deceptively lead us to believe we are achieving something. We can be super busy but going nowhere. It is critical that in this unstable time, women move forward on their projects, dreams and aspirations in life, work and world.

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