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Strengthen your organization in only six weeks.

If you're like most organizations, you've spent time, money and energy on things that have slowed you down, drained your spirit and eventually had to be undone. 

  • You've hired the wrong person for the new position.

  • You've said no to a lucrative project because you didn't have the time.

  • You've started a project over... and over.

  • You've doubled up on efforts because roles are unclear.

  • You've been too busy to plan for what's next.

Spending time on the wrong thing is frustrating, and costly.  Learning the basics of operations management will help you make more effective decisions with a more efficient workflow going forward - so you can think bigger. 

The Foundation Program includes:

Weekly in-class learning

Video tips and resources

Downloads and guides

Customizable templates

Weekly drop-in problem solving

Small cohort size of eight participants

Post-course 1:1 strategy sessions

Six-week course fee $2,250

Week 1: Building A Solid Strategy

Week 2: Asking Questions & Finding Opportunities

Week 3: Customizable Tools That Work

Week 4: Taking a Team Inventory

Week 5: Measuring What's Important

Week 6: Implementation for Continuous Improvement

The Foundations Program starts April 21, 2022 and meets each Thursday for six weeks. Program sessions, including weekly group drop-ins, will be held virtually via Zoom. If you're interested in joining the next cohort, let us know!


There's no obligation at this time - we want to make sure the program is a good fit and all your questions are answered.  You'll get an email from us!

I'd like to join the Foundations Program!

Great! Please look for an email from The Coras Group.

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