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This is a bit too exciting. Let's talk about something boring...

Let's talk about the operational foundation that makes your organization run.  The processes, policies, pricing models and plans that often get forgotten in the busy-ness of the every day, but that really do set you up for future success. 

We're all social distancing, and there's a lot going on.  But in the midst of it all, you may have some quiet moments to think about what's next.  Maybe there's a project you've been wanting to implement, a new service you've thought about launching or an annoying obstacle that has always been in your way.  

You want to keep feeling productive and moving things forward - I do too!  That's why I'm offering a few 30-minute sessions each week to brainstorm together about your organization's next steps.  I like to call them "chats" - no pressure, no fee, just some time and space to start solving problems.  A better operational foundation can help you move forward faster, either now or when things feel a bit more back to normal.  

We'll meet by phone or video - your choice - and talk about your organization's goals and challenges.  You'll leave with some new ideas about how processes, policies and templates can help you build strength and be ready to go.

I think I need this, but what should I ask?

Below are just some of the things I've helped clients think through. They might get your wheels turning!

  • I need to expand my existing programs, but want to make sure quality stays high.

  • I'd like to find a fee-for-service opportunity to add revenue to my non-profit.

  • I just had something go wrong, and realized I have no documentation in place.

  • I feel good about where I'm going, but I know I'm not measuring what I should be.

  • I think better processes would help us deliver more consistently, but I don't know where to start.

  • I'm reaching out to new customers all the time, but the message is inconsistent and it takes forever.

  • I seem to always be starting from scratch and it's so inefficient.

  • I'm not sure my pricing is right, we just spit-balled for our first customers.

  • I'm growing my organization and need to on-board new employees, but everything's in my head.

  • I need to tell a better story when I'm talking to supporters.

  • I'm launching a new product/services, but I can't get my team on board.

  • I can't wait to start a new project, and want to make sure I do it well from the beginning.

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