For Organizations

You’ve worked hard to perfect the skill, develop the product and find the customer. But what about the processes that ensure you deliver what you’ve promised? You’re not alone if you’ve skipped the “operations part” because it seemed time-consuming, over-complicated or simply not much fun. But building an effective operational foundation isn’t as difficult as it seems. The more your processes, controls and metrics are connected to the people within your organization, the more successful you’ll be at attaining strong outcomes, ensuring continuous improvement and building loyalty within your organization. 


With experience and enthusiasm, we will provide your team with:

  • review of current processes (or lack thereof!) to ensure you’re working efficiently and effectively.

  • controls to give you confidence that processes are being followed.

  • policies that are easily understood and implemented.

  • simple metrics that let you know what’s working and what’s not.

  • employee and team training that is accessible, engaging and brings everyone on board.

  • programs to connect your employees, clients and members with each other, and to YOU.

For Groups

Are your groups as connected as they could be?  Managing a one-on-one mentoring program is time-consuming and monthly “lunch and learns” go stale quickly.  Peer advisory groups offer a new way of connecting people to each other and, more importantly, build loyalty to you.  When people come together around a common goal – like growing their business, perfecting a new skill or asking for a promotion – they can help each other uncover obstacles, overcome challenges and find innovative solutions that traditional hierarchical learning does not offer.


We believe peer groups are powerful, and will help you learn:

  • about the peer advisory group model and why it works.

  • how the model can be applied to employee resource groups, association members, coaching clients, student interns, small business owners, and anyone with an affinity and a desire to learn from the experience of others.

  • best practices to ensure group success.

  • why difficult group dynamics are better managed in a peer setting.

  • which pitfalls to watch out for and how to deal with them.

  • how software can manage facilitation and lighten the load for you.

For Individuals

How you tell your story is how people will remember you, and connect you to others.  Whether you’re charting a new career path, courting clients, recruiting volunteers, or making sure your team is singing from the same sheet of music, your “pitch” still matters.


We’ve done it ourselves, and have helped individuals and organizations:

  • identify and prioritize the most important aspects of their message.

  • communicate simply what they do and how they do it better.

  • prepare an “ask” for every interaction, so that no opportunity is left behind.

  • make their pitch modular, so it can be adjusted depending on the audience.

  • practice with confidence and get ready to take it on the road.


Interested in making your networking game stronger? Seeking peers who can help you face challenges and generate new ideas?  We can help with that, too.

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