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Identify operational roadblocks

You’ve worked hard to perfect the skill, develop the product and find the customer. But what about the processes that ensure you deliver what you’ve promised? You’re not alone if you’ve skipped the “operations part” because it seemed time-consuming, over-complicated or simply not much fun. But a solid operational foundation ensures you’re equipped to handle any challenge - attracting new customers, making the ones you have happier, getting your team on the same page, launching a new product or measuring for continuous improvement. I can help you create and document the processes, policies and templates necessary to make reaching your goals easier.

Do you need this? Yes, if you:

  • feel like you’re always starting from scratch.

  • are growing and need to start documenting what you do.

  • have dissatisfied customers or frustrated team members.

  • don’t have an operations lead or expert on your team.

  • want to start a new project but don’t have the people resources to implement it.

  • aren’t sure what to measure to know what’s working and what’s not.

  • don’t have any processes but know you need them!

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Increase earned revenue

Many nonprofits are looking toward new opportunities for funding, especially as economic conditions change.  Considering a “fee-for-service” model does not replace traditional fundraising methods, but can be an additional revenue source to strengthen sustainability and put to new use the things you already do well.  There may be products or services, already offered to clients as part of a nonprofit mission, that have value you can be compensated for. Earned revenue isn’t a silver bullet for every nonprofit, but I can help you ask the right questions, consider your resources and identify opportunities you may not have thought of.  And as you build an earned income strategy, I can guide your organization as you get to know your new customer, set the right price, allocate internal resources and create an implementation plan.  


Do you need this? Yes, if you:

  • want to diversify your organization’s income.

  • would like to become less reliant on grants and donations.

  • are recognized at being the best at what you do.

  • have a product or service with a market outside of your current client base.

  • worry that charging a fee for service will distract you from your mission.

  • don’t currently have the resources to tackle a “side project”.

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Launch a succesful pilot

When we’re excited about a new product, service or program - especially if we’ve worked on it for a while - we tend to go full steam ahead!  But what if you haven’t packaged it quite right, don’t have the necessary materials, or aren’t charging the right price? A successful “practice run” in the form of a pilot can teach you a lot about your new idea before it becomes official official.  I can help you plan your pilot, message it effectively, and (most importantly) decide what to measure so you know what to do when you’re ready to go big time.

Do you need this? Yes, if you:

  • have a new product, service, or program you’d like to launch.

  • are expanding and want to ensure quality.

  • don’t know who your customer is and want to test the market.

  • need to make sure the teams responsible are ready to go.

  • aren’t clear on what measure to know if you’re successful.

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Connect with peer groups

Are your groups as connected as they could be? Managing a one-on-one mentoring program is time-consuming and monthly “lunch and learns” go stale quickly.  Peer advisory groups offer a new way of connecting people to each other and, more importantly, build loyalty to you. Especially now, when more work is being done online, connecting groups effectively is more difficult – and more important – than ever.

Peer advisory groups are powerful, and I can help you learn how to manage one that works.  The “Growth Group” model can be applied to employee resource groups, association members, coaching clients, student interns, small business owners, and anyone with an affinity and a desire to learn from the experience of others.  It’s proven methodology and software-enabled facilitation ensures best practices, helps mitigate troublesome group dynamics, and lightens the program management load for the organizer.


Do you need this? Yes, if you:

  • are looking for a way to bring employees together as everything has gone virtual.

  • want to offer your clients or members an innovative program that traditional hierarchical learning doesn’t offer.

  • need to provide a safe space to overcome challenges and tackle new opportunities.

  • are tired of managing one-on-one mentoring programs.

  • would love for software to do most of the work for you!

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