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What's it like to work with Aimee?


Many organizations feel stuck, but can't clearly identify the obstacles they're facing, let alone start building solutions.


I’ll help you ask the right questions,

identify gaps and build on what you’re already good at.

Together we’ll prioritize your needs and get moving on the

most compelling opportunities.

Our discovery, implementation and hand-off process will look something like this. 

A solid operations plan is crucial to serving your customer,

aligning your team, growing your organization…

and reducing your frustration!

And face it, you don’t need my help forever!

My background in education and training allows me to

hand-off what we create in a way that’s accessible and engaging. You and your team will know how to use the processes, policies and templates we’ve built.

As you become more effective at delivering

what you already do well, there’s more room for

new initiatives, continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

Working with Aimee
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