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People connected processes to move you forward, faster.

Client solutions are as varied as the clients themselves. Your needs are different, and hiring an experienced operations consultant who knows what to look for and how to frame opportunities can be a real boost to your business.

If a packaged product is more your style, the solutions below might be just what you need to identify gaps,

find innovation solutions, and keep moving forward.

Opportunity Discovery

Team Inventory

Identify what’s holding you back and uncover opportunities for growth.

Learn more.

Make sure you have

the right people

in the right places.

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COO Guide

Find the

thought partner

you need.

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Service: Opportunity Discovery

Opportunity Discovery

You might feel stuck or frustrated, but not know why.  It’s necessary to ask the right questions to uncover current obstacles and find areas for improvement. Whether you're early stage with too many ideas to count or looking for efficiencies in a business you've been running for years, this solution will give you direction.

The Opportunity Discovery solution includes:

  • Intake Query

  • Brainstorm Discussion

  • Opportunity List

  • Priority Matrix

  • Summary and Readout


Through the steps above, we’ll identify the projects that will set you up for success and begin thinking about how to tackle them. 


Download a one-pager here.

Service: Team Inventory

Team Inventory

When looking for efficiency, it’s important to consider your workflow.  But too often, we forget the people connected to the work.  Do you have the right employees in the right place?  Do you have visibility to your team's skills gaps before you hire?  An inventory of your teams’ skills, experience and potential will help you design your workflow to be efficient and effective. 

The Team Inventory solution includes:

  • Project Needs Assessment

  • Employee Skills Survey

  • 1-on-1 Interviews

  • Gap Analysis

  • Summary and Readout


These steps are often helpful when organizations are growing, taking on new initiatives or hiring for new positions on the team. 


Download a one-pager here.

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COO Guide

If you’re growing a business but haven’t yet thought about an operations strategy, these challenges may sound familiar:

  • You need the experience of a COO, but aren’t ready to hire one yet.

  • You’ve identified a “number two” employee and need help coaching them into the COO role.

  • You’d love to have a thought partner for decisions you’re making alone.


Talking with someone who has been there done that is a helpful way to gather operations expertise around you in the near term without the commitment of hiring a new employee. This solution is customizable and based on your current needs. 


Let’s find out what works for you here.

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