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People-connected operations.

The Coras Group believes in stronger operations through people.  We know that organizations work hard on perfecting their product and securing customers, but lose steam when it comes to building a successful operational foundation.  All too often, effective processes, policies and templates aren’t missed until they’re needed… and we’re here to change that.  Imagine how you’d feel knowing that you have the process in place to onboard a new client, wow a hard-won customer, fix a delivery issue, or measure the true outcome of a favorite project.


With experience across industry, non-profit, education and entrepreneurship, we’ve seen firsthand how much easier things can be with a well-documented process. Through accessible and engaging process training, we ensure that the people responsible for implementation understand not only the "how" but, more importantly, the "why" that will bring them on board. 


Whether you don’t yet have an operations team, or just need a few extra hands on an important project, we can help you examine your current processes or build a new foundation from scratch. The Coras Group will ask the right questions, identify obstacles to excellence and connect the people and resources you need to keep growing.

About Aimee

Aimee Muirnin Dunne

Principal, People Connector & Process Nerd

Aimee is one of those people who believes a well-documented process is a thing of beauty. But words on a page don’t mean much if they’re not connected to the people who are supposed to follow them.  Aimee excels at asking the right questions in order to identify gaps, create solutions and build affinity between people, projects and resources. Through engaging instruction, she can simplify complex ideas and help organizations implement new programs and operational strategies.


She's worked in corporate, educational and startup settings for over two decades and has managed teams large and small in roles ranging from operations and marketing to program and technology management.  She delights in making new initiatives accessible and bringing people on board in a way that allows individuals, organizations and teams to grow stronger together. 

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